It’s Eaze, to preparing an employee’s paycheck as simple as doing a little bit of math or CRA Calculator. However, anyone who has processed payroll will tell you that it is just not as simple as one might think. Preparing the actual payroll check is only a small part of the process and many business owners feel they can handle this on their own. However keeping up with employee deductions, legal remittances and tax rate changes, making payroll tax deposits to the appropriate government agencies, reconciling, preparing, and filing tax reports on time; and creating/maintaining employee records and their storage are all aspects of payroll processing. Some of these areas can be daunting to the startup or new business owner. All of the factors associated with payroll services must be attended to accurately and in accordance with regulations and deadlines. Not doing any one of these steps correctly can result in penalties and fines.

EazeTAX offers Payroll Services to our valued customers. We stay on top of the multitude of notices and updates sent by government agencies to ensure your company remains in compliance with payroll laws. Our payroll experts will handle all the details for your business to include:

  • Full Cycle Bookkeeping, including tax returns, GST and WCB returns
  • Enter Timesheets
  • Maintain Tax Rate Tables
  • Calculate wages, taxes, and deductions
  • Create and maintain employee records of employment
  • Prepare remittances for each employee deduction source
  • Prepare period-end tax agency reports and calculations for employer submission
  • Prepare employee payroll statements, checks, and reports

If you are a startup or new employer who needs to apply for an employer account with the CRA payroll department, the professionals at EazeTAX can assist you with preparing and submitting the proper forms and support to the CRA payroll department in a timely manner. Once the employer accounts are assigned and rates provided, our payroll experts will ensure the deductions are calculated, reported, and remitted to the agencies by the required deadlines to prevent penalties or interest charges. To get more information about our Payroll Services and learn how they will benefit your company, please contact EazeTAX at (587) 409-3199 for your free, no-obligation consultation.